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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sun Milifandom Dishonesty

While (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch ponders whether to carry out her threat and publish her blog post kicking 17 year old Abby, who has popularised the #milifandom hashtag, the rest of Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have been either keeping their heads down about Abby’s singularly sinister doorstepping, or manufacturing excuses for what happened.
That's what I think of youse bladdy family privacy, ya bladdy Labour supporting Pommie drongoes!

And it’s clear that the latter campaign has developed not necessarily to the Sun’s advantage, as the Murdoch press has been caught being rather economical with the actualit√©. Zelo Street regulars will recall that the hacks turned up uninvited not just on Abby’s parents’ doorstep, but also on that of her Grandma. She was, not surprisingly, scared at how they managed to find the address.
So up to the plate stepped one of Murdoch’s useful idiots, a Sun news reporter based in Manchester called Jake Ryan, to redefine reality to conform with management wishes: “she had a chat with your parents and it was very friendly. You said nothing. Nothing in paper. Suggest you take this down”, to which Abby replied “never said she wasn't friendly. Just scared at how you got my address. Never told anyone”.
Friendly? The family would have been terrified, which was probably the intention. Ryan then explained how the Sun had found them: “electoral roll - it's a public record which can be found by your name. No great mystery”. Abby was not convinced: “I'm not on an electoral roll. I can't vote”. And there was still no explanation of why her Grandma had also been doorstepped. Perhaps it wasn’t down to the electoral roll?
It wasn’t, as Abby has discovered today: “We have just checked for definite - and I am NOT on the electoral register as claimed by Sun reporters … I'm not - my dad rang up local authorities. I'm just not on it”. So, Murdoch doggies, just how did you get her address? And how exactly are you going to spin this one so that sham “press regulator” IPSO will obediently wipe your collective backsides?
Because there will, with the inevitability of night following day, be a complaint, especially as Abby now has legal representation: “For the avoidance of doubt and Tory speculation I am working for @twcuddleston Pro Bono #milifandom” Tweeted John Cooper QC. Peter Jukes also pointed out “The Abby #millifandom outing matters because of the notorious @thetimes outing of Nightjack, which silenced a great blog”.
That was another Murdoch title which may have resorted to The Dark Arts in order to pursue its targets. Fortunately, Abby has someone in her corner: “Ed took several minutes out of his day to make my whole week/year/life , what a legend!” she Tweeted. The gulf in the treatment meted out by the Murdoch bullies, and that from the Labour leader, could not be shown more plainly. This is the kind of thing that Murdoch’s hacks just don’t get.

And they can’t even tell their fibs reliably. What a complete and absolute shower.

Littlejohn Savile Desperation

It was bound to happen: someone out there on the right becomes so frustrated at the inability of Young Dave and his jolly good chaps to move the polls in their direction, and so desperate to keep Mil The Younger from power, that they resort not only to abuse, but the lowest form of smear. To no surprise at all, that person is the Daily Mail’s unfunny and talentless churnalist Richard Littlejohn.
Paedophile, Guv? Issa long word, innit?!?

Dicky Windbag clearly shares the anguish of his legendarily foul mouthed editor at the prospect of a Prime Minister who wants to improve the lot of ordinary people, especially as Miliband would be beyond the bidding of the press. So out has come the smearing iron to administer the deed: “Trust Labour? I'd rather trust Jimmy Savile to babysit” snipes the sage of Vero Beach (which is in Florida, and not anywhere in the UK).

Yes, out has come the paedophile smear: kept in reserve just in case it was required, like the fire alarm button behind the glass, the Mail has shown its true colours today. The rest of Dick’s dawdlings are little better: “This whole election campaign has had a surreal feel to it, conducted in a hermetically sealed bubble with only a passing nod to the paying public” he moans, not realising he is in Florida, where there isn’t an election on Thursday.

There is also another outing for one of his flat-out lies: “They also brought you the Mid Staffs scandal, which caused the deaths of 1,200 patients”. Some Mail readers will even believe that. They might also believe “Following Labour's suicidal implosion in Scotland, we are on the brink of an undemocratic constitutional outrage”. Did Scotland stop being part of the democratic process? Er, no. It’s another pack of lies.
Not always wise to remind voters about Savile ...

But he’s away with the fairies: “By Friday night, we could find ourselves being governed by a socialist Prime Minister who lost the General Election, propped up by a gang of Stalinist separatists who have secured only four per cent of the total UK vote … we could be lumbered with a five-year extreme Left-wing marriage of convenience which would lay waste to the economy and crush what remains of our civil liberties”.

Would those be the same “civil liberties” that one Richard Littlejohn has spent the past decade and a half ridiculing? As Derek Jameson might have observed, they surely would. And whose fault is it? “We now live in a fragmented political universe, magnified by a ravenous 24-hour news cycle. Everybody's in showbiz, everyone's a star”. In other words, blame social media for calling out shits like him.

And Dicky Windbag should be careful about pitching the name of Jimmy Savile: this, after all, is someone whose serial abuse of children was aided and abetted by his admirer Mrs T., who also employed noted pederast Peter Morrison, of Gents Toilets At Crewe Station infamy. That is why the right-wing press has been careful not to shout Savile’s name too loudly - and a sign of their desperation that they have now abandoned that care.

Littlejohn is reduced to lies and malicious smears - and to being a mere spectator. The million quid a year is nice, but losing influence - that hurts.

The Independent - It Isn’t

If people remember only one line from Caroline Aherne’s comedy vehicle The Mrs Merton Show, which aired on the BBC during the mid-1990s, it was her aside to Paul Daniels’ much younger wife Debbie McGee: “So, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?” That question could easily be re-worded and posed to whoever at the Independent decided on the paper’s political endorsement.
At least the Standard didn't pretend to be "Independent"

The paper, so long characterised by its advertising campaign proclaiming “The Independent … it is … are you?”, has recently seen its ownership pass to Evgeny Lebedev, along with the Evening Standard, London’s only surviving evening paper, which has already declared for the Tories, having previously garnered nicknames such as the London Daily Bozza for its slavish endorsement of the occasional Tory Mayor.

So what did the Indy have to tell us? In an editorial laughingly titled, considering what comes next, “In defence of liberal democracy”, readers are told “Only a legitimate government with a proper mandate and a commitment to the Union can prevent the fragmentation of our country”, which is another way of reassuring London-centric readers that those pesky Scots don’t really count.

A grim scenario is then painted: “A spectre is haunting Britain – the spectre of its own end … At stake is the very idea of majority government, the union with Scotland, and membership of the EU. In other words, British democracy itself … You wouldn't have guessed that from a data-driven, negative, and deeply uninspiring campaign”. Did the Indy only look in on the Tories, then? But do go on.

First the noble preamble: “The Independent was founded on the principle enshrined in its name. We honour that again today, by declaring that we belong to no party or faction … That is why we will not be telling you how to vote”. Then they tell you how to vote. “For all his talk of no deals with the SNP, Miliband is bound to rely on that party to get his legislative programme through”. So what would that entail, O Independent oracle?

This would be a disaster for the country … how could Labour govern with authority? They could not. Any partnership between Labour and the SNP will harm Britain’s fragile democracy. For all its faults, another Lib-Con Coalition would both prolong recovery and give our kingdom a better chance of continued existence”.

And the final selling of the pass? You’ll love this one: “if the present Coalition is to get another chance, we hope it is much less conservative, and much more liberal”. If the Lib Dems lose half their seats, there is a not unadjacent to zero chance of that. This is where the logic gymnastics come apart and the Indy falls off the beam.

As today’s Mrs Merton might have asked, “So, Evgeny Lebedev, what attracted you to the non-dom retaining, 45% maximum Income Tax maintaining, mansion tax avoiding Tory Party being in control of the UK’s Government?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Russell Brand - What Did I Tell You?

After Young Dave snootily dismissed Russell Brand as “a joke”, after hearing that Mil The Younger had called on the comedian and campaigner for a chat, right-leaning papers and pundits echoed him enthusiastically. This blog observed that, after all the righteous ridicule, “If Russell Brand needed any encouragement to endorse Miliband, this would be it”. And so it came to pass today.
Brand has released another video on his YouTube channel The Trews, which performs two functions: one, there was some footage of his meeting with Miliband which was not included in last week’s video, and two, he then summarises his impression of the parties and gives subscribers his conclusion. And the bad news for the Tories is that, in England at least, Brand has endorsed Miliband - and eviscerated Cameron.

Here’s what he said: “What I heard Ed Miliband say is that if we speak, he will listen. So on that basis, I think we’ve got no choice but to take decisive action to end the danger of the Conservative party. David Cameron might think I’m a joke but I don’t think there’s anything funny about what the Conservative party have been doing to this country and we have to stop them”. So he’s not suggesting a vote for the Tories, then.

And this was his recommendation: “My view is this: If you're Scottish you don't need an English person telling you what to do, you know what to do. If you live in Brighton, I think it would be a travesty if we lost the voice of Caroline Lucas in Westminster out of government in this country. But anywhere else? You've gotta vote Labour, you've got to get the Conservative party out of this country”.

Note that he does not endorse the SNP - he wisely admits that there is a different political dynamic right now in Scotland, and credits Scots with the ability to make their own minds up. The significant part is that someone with almost ten million Twitter followers, and a YouTube channel with almost 1.1 million subscribers, has endorsed Miliband as a potential Prime Minister. So the spin has had to be deployed.

It was too late to register to vote! He’d told them not to vote, so they wouldn’t have registered! He endorsed the SNP (he didn’t)! Brand was still a joke! Who cares - Brand’s a [characterisation omitted]! Do you really want to be like him? It’s not really happened! I shall write to the Times about this!! And it’s all so much lame drivel. Brand’s appeal to those who don’t feel inclined to engage with the political process matters.

As Owen Jones has pointed out - and, by doing so, irked right-wingers yet more - “Russell Brand matters … his endorsement of Labour in England and Wales will worry them. More people have registered to vote than ever before: between the middle of March and the deadline to register, nearly 2.3 million registered, over 700,000 of them 24 years old or younger”. That is why the counter spin is coming: this frightens the right-wing.

And if Russell Brand is such a joke, why devote so much energy to demonising him?

Daily Mail Promotes Labour

Some papers have still not declared their political allegiance, despite there being only three days before polls open. But we know that the Telegraph, and Murdoch Times, are going to declare for Young Dave and his jolly good chaps, and that, one might expect, would include the Daily Mail. After all, the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre detests Mil The Younger, if only for standing up to his bullying.
Who f***ing says the joke's on me, c***?!? Er, with the greatest of respect, Mr Jay

However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, this has not prevented the Mail from giving Labour more free publicity than the party could have dreamed of, and, it appears, more than willingly. The reason for this is the appearance yesterday of the party’s “Pledge Stone”, swiftly dubbed the “Ed Stone”, which had its six pledges carved into it. Dacre and his obedient attack doggies were swift to express their derision.

Miliband's Moses moment is ridiculed on a biblical scale: Internet memes mock Labour leader's grandiose plan for stone commandments monument in No10 gardendeclared the headline triumphantly, also letting readers know that the Mail was trawling the Web for cheap copy. But do go on: “Twitter users have posted hundreds of pictures mocking the bizarre move … People have posted pictures of Mr Miliband and the slab”.

The penny isn’t dropping, is it? People are posting pictures and talking about Labour’s priorities, how the Party proposes to address the concerns of voters. Daily Mail Comment, the authentic voice of the Vagina Monologue, did not allow this thought to enter, as readers were toldEven by the standards of a politician who cannot eat a bacon sandwich and falls off the stage during a live election debate, yesterday was beyond satire”.

And there was more: “How else is there to describe the scene of Ed Miliband standing in a field and unveiling an 8ft slab of limestone – chiselled with Labour’s manifesto promises – that he intends to install in the Downing Street garden?” How indeed. Go on: “What is most preposterous is the idea that it will be Red Ed who will decide the direction of the country if, after Thursday’s election, he limps into office propped up by the SNP”.

Ah, the suggestion that part of the UK doesn’t count. But one of Dacre’s retinue of loyal grovellers had his doubts: the odious Quentin Letts (let’s not) mused “Hastings – lucky Hastings – was the venue chosen for Ed Miliband’s descent into lunacy … Or was it satirical brilliance? His latest move was so peculiar, so off the graph in self-parody, doubt nibbles me like minnows a bather’s feet”. The penny was starting to drop.

Indeed, as Carl Dinnen at ITV News told, “My, how everyone laughed when we heard about Labour's Pledge Stone. My, how clever it looks now … The stone was made to be easily parodied … what do punters do when they've looked at all the parodies? They take a quick look at what the original image was. Message delivered, thank you very much”. Paul Dacre has just ordered his staff to give Labour pages of free publicity.

And, what’s best, he doesn’t realise what he’s doing. What a total and utter numpty.

Sun Pundit Harasses Teenage Girl

Just when you thought the Sun could go no lower … along comes a Sun pundit to do just that. After it was revealed by an “A” Level student called Abby, who is the custodian of the #milifandom movement, that the Super Soaraway Currant Bun had turned up not just on her doorstep, but also that of her Grandma, although their locations had not been revealed, the paper became the subject of severely adverse criticism.
Meanwhile, over in a reassuringly expensive part of Manhattan, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch had got hold of the wrong end of this particular stick and was busily beating about the bush with it. Ms Mensch is beating around that bush so hard that she has decided, rather than leaving well alone, that she is entitled to go after Abby and subject her to yet more harassment, this time of the online variety.
You think I jest? After Abby had Tweeted “I did have the Sunday Mirror knocking on my door as well - but this was several days after milifandom after my location was revealed”, off went the Sun pundit. After Peter Jukes suggested she leave Abby alone, the reply was defiant and threatening: “I read her TL and that is where I discovered that a) she'd tweeted about me hence all ppl mentioning her to me (I don't care)”.
And what did that mean? “Storified that stuff. blog later. Most interesting, finding a different girl actually started milifandom, didn't get the credit”. So that looks like a deliberate attempt to destroy Abby’s credibility, especially when Ms Mensch also told “lots and lots of claimed harassment and threats when there were none. Emperor has no clothes. Phone number tweeted. etc. Night all”. And she doesn’t care.
There were many attempts to get her to see sense, Chris Dobson’s being typical: “Jeez get a life and stop picking on teenagers. Typical Tory - pick on the poor, pick on the young”.  But Louise was not for listening - or researching: “Ever less impressive, the timeline of Milifandom campaigner reveals Sunday Mirror also knocked on her door. Wouldn't know it”. After the location became known. Is this concept difficult to understand?
The idea of leaving 17 year olds alone while they’re preparing for “A” Levels seems to be: “Finally bothered to read her TL and yep, it's chock full of all the hypocrisy we've come to expect from Labour. Bore off … turns out she had her door knocked on by the Sunday Mirror. No ‘bully’ tweets for that”. Yes, it’s a difficult concept to understand.
And, as the man said, there’s more: “in fact it's a perfect mirror of Ed's silence on Mirror hacking. Labour hypocrisy all the way … I have absolutely no, zero, respect for her double standards between Mirror and News Corp journalists; typical #Labour”. There you have it: a Murdoch pundit about to go in with both feet on a 17 year old girl, for supporting Labour.

Of course, the likes of Stig Abell, and Sun on Sunday editor Victoria Newton, could simply instruct Ms Mensch to desist. The fact that they have thus far failed to do so tells you all you need to know about the Murdoch press. They are truly an absolute shower.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Don’t Menshn Milifandom

As most of Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun keep their heads down after the disgraceful behaviour of their colleagues in doorstepping a 17 year old “A” Level student - and her Grandma - for having the audacity to set up #milifandom, one might have thought that anyone else would get the hint and leave the subject alone. But that reckoned without (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Ms Mensch had already stuck her bugle into this one, when she tried to stand up the idea that the Labour Party was somehow behind #milifandom because it offered to handle enquiries while Abby, the teenager involved, was revising for her exams. Note that it was assumed, rather than ascertained, that #milifandom was a Labour Party stunt. You think I jest? It’s all there on the Mensch Twitter feed.
After Laura Marcus had pointed out that a teenager might be justified in responding to what they perceived as bullying - the press attacks on Miliband - back shot Ms Mensch: “let her or Labour speak on the record b/c  their involvement stinks” [yes, they are involved, even if she didn’t bother to find out] … “I am NOT smearing her. I am asking a QUESTION prompted by Labour press getting involved”.
And still she hadn’t asked why Labour press was fielding enquiries. To be fair to Ms Mensch, she did eventually back off after belatedly realising that it wasn’t a Labour stunt, but then came this weekend’s doorstepping news. This was, as Ms Mensch immediately asserted, not the Sun’s fault: “no it isn't. She's not a child”. This was followed by an attempt to get Laura Marcus, once again her questioner, to “look over there”.
So why was the Sun in the right? You’ll love this: “she is no child; legally can wed and serve in the army. Perfectly fine … she's a student asking for press and complaining when she gets it. Disgraceful. Not a child at 17. Can marry, serve army”. And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, the army justification is irrelevant - nobody under 18 is permitted to serve in a combat role, which many would understand as “serve”.
And two, she has not, repeat not, REPEAT NOT, “asked for press”. This does not trouble Ms Mensch: “I draw the same line the law does; under and over 16. She's 17 *and aiming for press cover*”. Setting up what is effectively a fan club does not “ask” or “aim” for press cover. It is blindingly obvious from Abby’s reaction to the intrusion on her family and her Gran that the press attention was neither solicited, nor wanted.
Nor was it expected. And, as for her standing up to the Murdoch bullying, Ms Mensch claims that “'Stands up to' = ‘is courting coverage from’”, to which I call bullshit. Standing up to bullies is not asking for anything. It is someone defending herself. Louise Mensch is another who pretends to be a “journalist”, but it’s clear that “Tory and Murdoch apologist” would be rather more apposite. This is lame excuse-note generation of the worst kind.

Meanwhile, the Murdoch press sinks further in public estimation. No surprise there, then.

Miliband - Stone Cold Antisemitism

While some in the media concentrate on the issues - well, a few people have to - rather a lot of the hacks and pundits are scouring the by-product from the 24-hour rolling news Speculatron. And the latest discovery is that Mil The Younger has apparently declared that he is going to have Labour’s six election pledges literally set in stone, so that if elected, the stone will be placed somewhere it can be seen by him every day.
Press still frightened witless of this man

This has generated much derision among the cheap media seats, but then, so did the “Woman to Woman” campaign and its “Pink minibus”. Miliband’s visit to talk to Russell Brand was also slammed. Neither has harmed his poll ratings, despite the column inches devoted to slagging him off. Someone in the Labour Party has discovered that, in this contest, no publicity is bad publicity.

The “Pledge Stone” is also generating much of the kind of reaction which reflects more on the shortcomings of those reacting than on Miliband. And someone out there has either not bothered to engage brain before sneering, or has just cast discretion to the wind and decided that they don’t have to bother about comparing a Jewish politician to Moses, who, being a figure from the Old Testament, was, er, Jewish.
The Mail ... just engaging in a little light banter

Veering across the antisemitism line has been something that part of the Fourth Estate has been unable to resist when it comes to their desire to demonise Miliband. We had the Mail telling “We do not maintain, like the jealous God of Deuteronomy, that the iniquity of the fathers should be visited on the sons”. Then there was Simon Carr, who writes Parliamentary “sketches” for the Guido Fawkes blog.

Carr was unabashed as he told that Miliband “dances at the despatch box like a spastic marionette … his convulsive string master taking another swig of the meths” (1930s Nazi stereotypes revisited, much?). On another occasion he talked of the opposition leader as “other-worldly” and “crucifixion material”. The path of some trying to take the piss over the “Pledge Stone” has gone there too.
The Telegraph ... just having a bit of fun

The Mail has pictured Miliband with a substantial beard, not that they’re trying to suggest anything particularly Jewish, you understand, as well as trowelling on the “Moses” parallel, because, er, they can. The Telegraph uses a photoshopped image which has Miliband’s head on a character holding the stone tablets. So that’s Mount Sinai and another Jewish biblical reference, although of course it’s only a bit of fun.

Meanwhile, the six pledges made by the Labour leadership have been given more free publicity than even the most optimistic party spinner could have dreamed of. And that free publicity is being awarded to Labour by papers that have either declared for the Tories, or who will declare for them before Thursday. Thus the idiocy of the right-wing press - giving Miliband both free publicity, and another stick to beat them with.

The finest minds of Fleet Street - and they can’t even organise a smear properly.

Sun Harasses Teenage Girl

The press has always proved touchy when it comes to explaining their dependance on “The Dark Arts”, especially in the wake of the phone hacking business, but nobody seriously pretends that practices such as blagging targets’ personal details, and getting information from sources that should be confidential - like Police records, the NHS, banks, and the like - does not still go on. Especially at the Murdoch Sun.
A young woman called Abby - we do not need to know any more about her - started the #milifandom campaign recently, partly in response to hostile and slanted coverage given to the Labour leader. At the age of 17, she is too young to appear on the electoral roll, yet the Super Soaraway Currant Bun got hold of her address, and that of her grandmother, and proceeded to doorstep them both. Think about that.
Abby at first questioned why the Sun would do such a thing: “I understand why the Sun wanted to interview me but  … A) I said on here I wasn't giving interviews, very clearly  … B) why my nan?” Why indeed. And it was interesting to see some quite aggressive questioning of her, especially that the Mirror had also called. However: “But Mirror did knock after part of my location had been revealed. Sun after I said nothing”.
This did not stop the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog - Sun columnists, remember - to dishonestly tell “All those tweeting how terrible it is that @TheSunNewspaper sent journalists round to the #milifandom founder, so did the @theSundayMirror”. This had no effect: “I am a 17 year old girl and I'm less scared to stand up to Murdoch than David Cameron, a 48 year old man who is PM”.
Yes, an “A” Level student shows more bottle than Young Dave: “It's nice joining the 'Rupert Murdoch doesn't like me' club. We know we've done something right @Ed_Miliband … I have had enough of Murdoch and his sympathisers, disgraceful that one of them is actually in charge of the country”. Wasn’t such a good idea to doorstep her, eh Rupe?
The aggressive questioners, invariably from the right, and trying to play the “Look over there at the Mirror” game, didn’t fare any better, as Abby confirmed “Mirror sent after I revealed my location. Sun way way before … Apparently they got my address from the electoral roll. Which is funny, because I can't vote and am not on it”.
And she’s got some questions the Sun will need to answer: “Also: if they were only interested in politely asking my questions, why knock on my grandma? What does she have to do with it?” Those hacks will also have to explain how they lost the Tories a voter: “Another thing, my dad actually only found out about #milifandom because of reporters, sent me this text”. He used to vote Tory. He won’t be doing that next Thursday.

Abby has good grounds to take the Sun to IPSO, and it will be interesting to see how they excuse this latest slice of bad press behaviour. It’s a troubling world where a 17 year old girl expresses a favourable opinion of a politician and gets harassed for it.

Top Six - May 3

So what’s hot, and what’s not, in the past week’s blogging? Here are the six most popular posts on Zelo Street for the past seven days, counting down in reverse order, because, well, I have shopping to do later. So there.
6 Boris Shuns His Own Voters London’s increasingly occasional Mayor bothered to turn up to only one of three hustings events in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency, where he is the Tory candidate. And the one where he did turn up had no debate between the hopefuls, plus they got to see the questions first.
5 Flannelled Fool Spin Stupidity During Thursday evening’s Question Time special, the odious Henry Cole, tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, told that Young Dave had “thumped” Mil The Younger. But he had misread the graph. Then he showed he did not understand what “X-axis” meant. Another fine mess.
4 Miliband - Not Reading Before Writing After Mil The Younger had dropped by to have a chat with Russell Brand, the increasingly desperate and piss-poor SunNation site turned to Alex “Billy Liar” Wickham, newly anointed teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, to write a hatchet job. But Wickham had clearly not watched the video before condemning it. Another fine mess, once again.
3 Mail Hits The Panic Button The obedient hackery of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre was so taxed by their inability to move the polls in the direction of their favoured party - the Tories - that they dug up an attack line from two years ago. And kicked him for talking to Russell Brand, just to be on the safe side.
2 Toby Young Is Two Years Late The loathsome Tobes will see his West London Free School moved into its new home - at least two years later than planned. And the move may have to be into Portakabins at first. Plus, don’t forget, we’re paying.
1 Telegraph Letter Unravels The letter from 5,000 small businesses in support of Young Dave and his jolly good chaps was exposed as being authored by CCHQ. Then some of the signatories were found to only work at the organisations cited, rather than running them. Some demanded their names be withdrawn. More quality journalism, eh?
And that’s the end of another blogtastic week, blog pickers. Not ‘arf!